Île d’Oleron in France, a sunshine weekend with oysters and a Citroen Mehari

Citroen Mehari for wedding

It was in spring 2014 when we flew again to Île d’Oléron LFDP. This time we booked in advance a Citroen Mehari to be more flexible. The car was delivered to the airfield of St. Pierre d’Oléron.

Citroen Mehari for wedding
Citroen Mehari for wedding

Our car was without flowers …

Lighthouse on Oléron
Lighthouse on Ile d’Oléron

We then headed to our hotel „L‘ Ocean“ in Continière with indoor pool.

Mietauto Mehari LFDP
Rented car Mehari on Ile d’Oléron

Our first aim is to head to a Oyster shop. They open the Oysters for you and you …can eat them at the port. They open the shop at 4 pm.

Austern am Fischmarkt von La Cotiniere
4 portion to 6 big Oysters for a low price

Next day we headed to the lighthouse at the far West with the folding bicycles in the rear.

Take off from the ilsland of Oléron
Take off from Ile d’Oléron

The following day we headed back to the airfield LFDP where we returned the car, refuelled out plane (alternate is La Rochelle) and headed home to LFSB.

Here you find a link to the whole story in German language. LFSB to LFDP.