AAA Baltikumreise 2017

AAA Baltic-journey 20.-29. Juli 2017. The planning looked like above, then there were some changes, especially because of the weather. First we went to Pilsen, then via Warsaw to Kaunas. We skipped Riga and landed on several small islands and airfields of Latvia and Estonia. On the way back we visited Riga more extensively and …

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Fly-in Hittnau

This year we attended the Hittnau fly-in, August 2016. Oldtimerclassice: The airfield is only open these two days. Photos taken by Tommy. We flew in with our C172.

Peugeot Cabriolet Perigueux

Travelling Périgord

Landing in Périgueux LFBX near Bordeaux July 2016: The owner of the cabriolet already waited for us on the airport, we reserved via, from private to private, a great idea. Travelling Périgord. Then we drove to our first hotel close to Périgueux. You can go by canoe on the Dordogne. A nice ride. Great guesthouses …

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