Bahamas fly-out with Searey

In November 2018 the first Bahamas fly out took place with 9 Seareys. SPA followed with a Super Cub to take  photographs.

We started at Tavares (the seaplane city).

Landing at a small uninhabited island …

and on Pig Island.

And here a short video:

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Seaplane Flying in Florida 2018

Renting a seaplane in the USA has become difficult due to insurance problem. There are only a very few places where a seaplane pilot can rent a seaplane and fly solo. I found a great solution at Tavares FL, America’s Seaplane City. Here you can join the Jones Brothers seaplane flying club for moderate costs, with a seaplane insurance and six hours seaplane flying included. Rob and his crew are easygoing and helpful.

Cessna 140 on floats 1946.

Cessna 140 on floats 1946, beaching at Eaton’s Beach Sandbar & Grill for lunch with my wife. Jones Brothers seaplane flying club

Overnight staying with the C140.

Overnight staying with the C140 at Sebring in front of the Inn of the lakes hotel. A displays say „do not disturb alligators“.

Beaching the C140 at Tiki Bar Grill for lunch.

Beaching the C140 at Tiki Bar Grill for lunch with Martina.

I also flew some hours on a Searey, an amphibious airplane with Rob. Jones Brothers seaplane flying club

Unfortunately I was not able to fly it solo due to insurance coverage for this specific plane. Hopefully next time this will be solved and we can use it for trips. Below a flight with Kerry, the developper of the amphibious Searey. They are only a few miles away from Tavares.

Other places to fly seaplanes in Florida: 

Landing with the C140 for refuelling.

I flew the C140 to his place for refuelling puposes. Apparently there is a possibility to fly seaplane solo with restrictions.

CJ3 seaplane at Browns base., no solo possible due to missing insurance coverage for pilots.

No solo possible due to missing insurance coverage for pilots. They fly JC3 Piper Cub seaplanes.

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AAA Baltikumreise 2017

AAA Baltikumrundreise

AAA Baltikumrundreise vom 20.-29. Juli 2017.

Die Planung sah wie oben aus, dann gab es gewisse Änderungen insbesondere wegen dem Wetter. Zuerst ging es nach Pilsen, dann via Warschau nach Kaunas. Wir liessen Riga aus und landeten auf diversen kleinen Inseln und Flugfelder von Lettland und Estland. Auf dem Rückweg besuchten wir Riga ausgiebiger und trafen die restlichen Piloten und Crew wieder in Kaunas, von wo wir zum kleinen Flugplatz in Olsztyn flogen. Wegen schlechtem Wetter liessen wir dann Danzig aussen vor und flogen nach Sierksdorf (Nähe Timmendorfer Strand, D).

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Short excursion to Biscarosse and Arcachon

Beginning of October we headed to Biscarosse. They do some seaplane training there and have a flying community. One of the houses make B&B – so we left the plane just beside the house overnight (you find it on

B&B Biscarosse

Next day we flew to Arcachon – over the Dunes of Pilat.

Arcachon - Dune of Pilat

After landing in Arcachon we rented from nearby car rental Pyla Mehari an E-Mehari, fully electric (pilots discount). You can also contact tower.


After some Oysters and French food – it was a bit  windy and therefore rather cool – we returned back home.

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Fly-in Hittnau

This year we attended the Hittnau fly-in, August 2016.

Oldtimerclassice: The airfield is only open these two days. Photos taken by Tommy.

Airfield Fly-in Hittnau

The airfield was short, but still long enough for these planes.

Super Cups on the approach.

Super Cups on the approach.

Oldtimer on the course.

One of the several oldtimer on the course.

Aeronca 1946

An Aeronca 1946 is landing.

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1938 Peugeot 202 décapotable

Peugeot 202, 1947, a four seats, décapotable Switzerland/Suisse/Schweiz

After the second world war Peugeot took up the production of the Peugeot 202. A futuristic appearance but technique is old style. We have the chance to drive the Peugeot 202 cabriolet décapotable 1947.

Peugeot 202 Cabriolet from 1947

Peugeot 202 Cabriolet from 1947

Peugeot 202 Cabriolet from 1947, construction from 1938. Production was interrupted during the second world war. More than 100 000 cars have been produced, 5000-6000 décapotables.

Peugeot 202 décapotable

Peugeot 202 décapotable

Peugeot 202 décapotable in France. This car appearantely always had Swiss owners.

Peugeot 202 convertibel

Peugeot 202 convertibel

Meeting friends in France with the Peugeot 202 convertibel. The car has three gears, all unsynchronised. Makes a lot of fun to drive in warm and sunny weather.

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Travelling Périgord

Landing in Périgueux LFBX near Bordeaux


July 2016: The owner of the cabriolet already waited for us on the airport, we reserved via, from private to private. Travelling Périgord.

Peugeot Cabriolet Perigueux

Then we drove to our first hotel close to Périgueux.

Dordogne with the canoe

You can go by canoe on the Dordogne. A nice ride.

Great guesthouses

Great guesthouses for reasonable prices, even ones with English owners who now fear the Brexit. There are a lot of very nice restaurants, they also for reasonable prices.

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Flying Catalina NG and visit of Dessau

Flying the Catalina NG

This time I wanted to find out more about the ultralight amphibium Catalina NG. In Italy at their production site they had no flying Catalina so I had to go to the dealer in Germany. We flew to Siegerland and were picked up by Mr. Diez, the German dealer of Fly Synthesis.

Catalina ng preparation

After the inspection of the plane together with an instructor we made a few exercises and landings. Unfortunately there is no lake in the vicinity so we could only make some landigs on the airstrip.

Catalina ng in air

It is a funny toy, well designed and I shall visit the production site as soon as have a demo plane for flying and landings in the lagoon nearby in Italy.

Because I am tall the seat position and windscreen have to be adapted as well as a new compartement for things lying around. The engine seem to be rather weak which results in a weak rate of climb, but I  have to find out if this is a matter on sea level.

Catalina ng landing

Visit of Junkers Museum and Bauhaus Museum at Dessau

Arrival at Dessau Junkers Museum

After this visit we flew to Dessau where we visited the Bauhaus and the Museum (photo) with some Junker airplanes and more.

Junkers F13 in the Museum

Die Junkers F 13 war ein Verkehrs- und Frachtflugzeug der Junkers Flugzeugwerke in Dessau. Der 1919 entwickelte Typ war das erste Ganzmetallflugzeug der zivilen Luftfahrt. Wikipedia

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