Flying with a Searey amphibian in the Bahamas

Searey George Town

End of 2019 and beginning 2020 we flew with an SeaRey amphibian/seaplane through Florida and the Bahamas and discovered some great spots. The first video is a compilation af some flights and the next videos show more details.

We had some windy days so I had time to learn to make videos. This is a compilation.
In Florida we made met friends on Lake Jackson. After the lunch at Sunset Grille we flew to Little Lake Jackson. A year before we flew in with a C140 from 1946 and stayed in the nice Hotel: Inn on the Lakes. They gave us a room with direct view in the plane. We shall repeat that stay again.
On Maps I was searching for lakes with a ramp that is big enough for the plane and that has a restaurant. So I discouvered Lake Shipp with the Horborside restaurant.
On our flight to the Bahamas we startet at Tavares, the Seaplane City. After refuellling at Pompano we headed to San Andros where we made customs. Then we headed to Stella Maris where we stayed.
At Little Farmers Key a party took place due to a sailing ship event. Our friends were already expecting us. John flew his Cirrus around the world few years ago.
Twice we flew from Stella Maris to George Town to make some shopping and visit the ChatnChill bar on the other side on an island where we got some Conch salad. The first time it was tricky because we did not know the mooring area which was small.
The second time we had crosswind so sailing to and from the beach was a bit tricky. In take off a boat run into our take to make videos. So we had to wave them off. Due to high season we had to find a good spot for the take off through the mooring boats.
ChatnChill is a nice spot on an island and known for the Conch salad and the bar.

We knew that friends have a house at Salt Pont, Long Island. They did not know that we are coming. So it was a suprise to them.

We took all videos and photos with a Gopro and a smartphone and mixed them together with Magix Deluxe Pro video software.