Autumn-Flight 2015 to Menorca and to Ile d’Oléron

San Luis LESL - the old airport of Menorca.

After this beautiful summer, which prevented us from flying, we headed to the autumn trip. First stage: Menorca Aero Club San Luis LESL.

This place is still free of charge, but a cost-sharing is expected. After all, it has now tie downs, so you can pay something. Menorca Airport demands a handling agent for all planes which costs a high amount of money. They probably want to keep away the small planes. Even the flying club has to fly to Mallorca to refuel.

Parking on grass on Menorca due to better fixation of the plane and better hidden from view.

Flight over Menorca Flight over Menorca[/caption]

We refuelled at Beziers LFMH for 1.69€ per liter! When we arrived at San Luis Sol Car Hire already expected us.

Hotel Carlos III with view into the bay of Mahon.
Hotel Carlos III with view into the bay of Mahon.

We stayes in the Hotel Carlos III (adults only) which is a must for my wife. A lot of elderly people from UK were there also.

Many people were attracted by a 2CV6.
Many people were attracted by a 2CV6, here at St. Martin de Ré.

After a week we continued to Ile d’Oléron (refuelling again at LFMU) and called Olèron Classic Cars who brought us a 2CV6.

After a few days we had to head home again.