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Flying Catalina NG and visit of Dessau

Posted by on 28. Mai 2016

Flying the Catalina NG

This time I wanted to find out more about the ultralight amphibium Catalina NG. In Italy at their production site they had no flying Catalina so I had to go to the dealer in Germany. We flew to Siegerland and were picked up by Mr. Diez, the German dealer of Fly Synthesis.

Catalina ng preparation

After the inspection of the plane together with an instructor we made a few exercises and landings. Unfortunately there is no lake in the vicinity so we could only make some landigs on the airstrip.

Catalina ng in air

It is a funny toy, well designed and I shall visit the production site as soon as have a demo plane for flying and landings in the lagoon nearby in Italy.

Because I am tall the seat position and windscreen have to be adapted as well as a new compartement for things lying around. The engine seem to be rather weak which results in a weak rate of climb, but I  have to find out if this is a matter on sea level.

Catalina ng landing

Visit of Junkers Museum and Bauhaus Museum at Dessau

Arrival at Dessau Junkers Museum

After this visit we flew to Dessau where we visited the Bauhaus and the Museum (photo) with some Junker airplanes and more.

Junkers F13 in the Museum

Die Junkers F 13 war ein Verkehrs- und Frachtflugzeug der Junkers Flugzeugwerke in Dessau. Der 1919 entwickelte Typ war das erste Ganzmetallflugzeug der zivilen Luftfahrt. Wikipedia

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