Landing on Out Skerries a remote island on the Shetlands

This time we wanted to land on Out Skerries which I discovered on the internet because these airfields are not on the maps and not mentionned in the Jeppesen (Bottlang). I just knew that the runway must be less than 1200 ft and that we cannot stay over night there. As usual I called the airfield before I take off. I decided to land from the north which was a bit more tricky than from the south: We had to overfly a small hill, then a small lake before landing. At the end of the downhill runway was the sea. Mrs. Arthur MBE received us for a cup of tea. But in the meantime we became friends … and were invited to visit the island from the boat. The lighthouse is a pointmark for taking off to the South. We walked around on the islands. The salmon farm belongs to the commuity which consisted of 70 persons, declining. After take off from Out Scerries our friends waved bye bye. We shall came back! In 2011 we landed the first time on Out Skerries and discovered a unique place to live. Since then we return every year. This is another landing on Out Skerries. Only 60 people live on this island. They are fighting for their school. No school –> more people will leave the island. My first take off from Out Skerries This video shows the takeoff from the 360m long runway.

The plane remained on the runway because there was no parking. Alice (MBE) told us that only if the scheduled flight arrives we have to take away the plane.

We stayed overnight in this house because there  was no other possibility.