Landing on Isle of Jura airstrip, Inner Hebridies

I read about Jura airstrip but for a long time I did not find it when I overflew Jura island. Then one day I found the place.

Almoust nobody lands on Jura airstrip because it is not really maintained. Oban informed me after a call that it is not advisable to land due to high grass. So lets find out.
Jura airstrip, an island in the Inner Hebridies
Jura airstrip, an island in the Inner Hebridies
Landing on the strip – here you see the previous go around with the check of the strip.
Landing on Isles of Jura
Landing on Isles of Jura
Yes, the grass is high. See my first go around.
Isle of Jura high grass on the strip
Isle of Jura high grass on the strip. 
After that landing we flew back to the Glenforsa airfield and hotel.

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  1. John Charlton

    I did not land here but am working of Jura. I have two permit aircraft.
    It is still just an airstrip… the northern end is kept mowed in a circle for the air ambulance. There is about 400m of fairly rough landing area which does see the occasional microlight come in. Permission needed from the Jura estate. One of the neighbours in the house at the southern end of the „runway“ is a receptionist at the doctor’s surgery.
    It would be „doable“ in a STOL aircraft i.e. I would do it in my Skyranger. With care. No windsock. Apparently there was an accident with a Piper PA28 ? (i.e. a bog chariot) a few years ago… to short to stop!. Ended up on its nose. Occasionally folk land on the beach next to the strip. It is about a 2.5 mile walk to the village of Craighouse where the Jura Hotel is. Spectacular scenery. Hope this helps. Oh there is a fuel pump in Craighouse (not for bog chariot fuel… unleaded).

  2. Thanks for the reply. We were in touch with Oban airport, they called the destillery. No wind and high grass were an issue but our C172 was empty and light. Was an interesting experience – like Lundy island.

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