Landing and takeoff Barra Outer Hebridies

The only tital airport in the world on Barra, Outer Hebriedies.

Island Barra is a favorit, a tidal airfield with the tower on the left side of the picture. You can only land if there is low tide. This field and most of the Scotish fields are PPR. There was still saltwater on the airfield. 8 years ago wh stayed 3 nights on the island. At that time we had to leave the plane up to the road.   A very famous and scenic place to land – on the beach.   After the scenic landing we flew to Glenforsa. Others fly to Oban to get water to clean the plane from the salt.   Close by is another place to land on the beach, at Sollas. But there is nobody around.

The airport at Oben is the place to refuel and to organise the landings on the Aouter Hebriedie islands which all are PPR.