AAA Excursion Black Sea 2018

AAA Excursion to the East of Europe to Black Sea 2018

For the organizer from the AAA (Antique Airplane Organisation, Switzerland) this trip was a very high challenge. Because sometimes the authorities of the individual countries were a bit complicate, then Romania had no avgas, because the importer went bankrupt and the military in Bulgaria claimed the airspace for the whole week. With the help of AOPA Bulgaria, a solution was finally found by establishing an airway and allowing an aircraft to fly through every five minutes. In addition, all aircrafts at the airports were treated as IFR, although we were flying VFR the whole time.

After Departure from Basel LFSB we headed directly to Wiener Neustadt, where we joined the AAA-group.

Next night we stayed in Nis, Serbia. We did not know that Serbia is not included in our roaming package Europe/USA of Salt which resultet in a high invoice.

We had to fly to the Black Sea via Bulgaria to Tuzla in Romania. The customs took 1 to 2 hours on both side everytime.

This is Constanta airport. Not much going on, people were mostly nice but slow procedure. For our excursion to Romania we had to pass twice through this airport to do customs.

This was Primorsko where we stayed three nights. The AOPA Bulgaria organized a very nice reception for us.

This receiption was a real suprise.

We stayed in a hotel close to the sea. This place is a protected area.

On our way back to Switzerland we remarked that weather is not good via the Croatian costline. That’s why we decided to head back via Heviz/Balaton and stay there a few nights.

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