Staying overnight in Anguilla

Approaching the airport of Anguilla

B+B in Anguilla

Anguilla was a good place for staying overnight and refuelling.

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Puerto Plata MDPP

A very green island on the north side

Puerto Plata Airport MDPP

Flight control was competent, refueling fast and the second time we could pay with Visa. A handling agent, who costs nothing helps you to go around with immigration and customs. Makes sense to leave him some $. No further costs besides parking fees. We booked a hotel with and the procedure was quite rapid. On the way back the refueling took us two hours because of the customs procedures. Although we did not leave the airport, we had to go trough the whole procedure, even a drug dog visited us …

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Hawks Nest with the airstrip nearby on the Bahamas

Hawks Nest Resort is close to the private airstrip

Close by is a Marina where sharks are feeded (for the tourists)

Shark feeding

Hawks Nest has specials for pilots

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Harbour Island – an expensive getaway on the Bahamas

English style houses, many bad roads and very expensive hotels

The sand is nowhere so pink as on habour island (true?)

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The remote Crooked Island with airstrip on the Bahamas

Airstrip with Crooked Island Resort - unspoiled and remote

Originally there was the first post office of the Bahamas

The C182 on Crooked Island airfield

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Renting a plane in Miami

Tamiami Kendall is the GA-airport of Miami

We rented the C182 from Angel Flying club in Miami, with good preparation and service

A byflight of the Miami towers was part of the biannual which took almost three hours (with six IFR approaches)

Close to Miami is Key Largo with is great wildlife

Some addresses to rent a plane in KTMB:
Angel Flight Club Miami (where we rented the plane 2012), good service!
Dean International Flying School (where we rented the plane 2011)
Hampton Inn Key Largo (where we stayes during christmas und New Year) very friendly people, good environement, good value.

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Let’s fly to watch a Rodeo

River Ranch Resort is not far away from MiamiVery American was the rodeo show

A very american rodeo-show

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Flying in Scotland 2010

In summer 2010 we traveled around in the Scottish islands, the Inner Hebridies, the Outer Hebridies, the Orkneys and the Shetland Islands. Our mascot is the puffin, we saw a lot of them on the Fair Isle.

First place we landed in the UK was Clacton on Sea.


Clacton on Sea is an airfield with PPR. We did not find an accommodation so  plan B we continued to Blackpool.


South of Blackpool are the hotels, north are the casinos. With our folding bikes we always carry in our C172 we drove south an found a hotel for a adequate price.


Next day we took off only in the afternoon due to weather, had a view on the pier of Blackpool and flew to Glenforsa on the island of Mull. The runway is in a good shape.

The Glenforsa Hotel is just a few meters away and we got the last room.


Next day we traveled to one of my favorites island Barra, which is a tidal airfield with the tower on the left side of the picture.



You can only land if there is low tide. This field and most of the Scotish fields are PPR.


There was still saltwater on the airfield. 8 years ago wh stayed 3 nights on the island. At that time we had to leave the plane up to the road.

We returned to Glenforsa where we visited Tobermory by rented car (at the airfield, special price for pilots).

After a short fuel stop in Oban where all the PPR in the area are coordinated we travelled North East with a great view on islands …

… mountains …

… bays …

… small places …

… and green valleys.

We landed at Sumburgh which is the far north airport with an ILS and Avgas. The helpful controllers always wanted to what our intentions are.

This time we wanted to land on Out Skerries which I discovered on the internet because these airfields are not on the maps and not mentionned in the Jeppesen (Bottlang). I just knew that the runway must be less than 1200 ft and that we cannot stay over night there. As usual I called the airfield before I take off.


I decided to land from the north which was a bit more tricky than from the south: We had to overfly a small hill, then a small lake before landing. At the end of the downhill runway was the sea.


Mrs. Arthur MBE received us for a cup of tea. But in the meantime we became friends … and were invited to visit the island from the boat.




The lighthouse is a markpoint for taking off to the South.

We walked around on the islands.

The salmon farm belongs to the commuity which consisted of 70 persons, declining.

A journey to Foula where people come out only at night (which is not true).


Great scenery on Foula.


At our arrival we were greeted by a youngster.


We did not land at Papa Stour – next time.

But we landed at Unst, the most northern airfield of Scotland.


After take off from Out Scerries our friends waved bye bye. We shall came back!

Next place was Fair Isle where we had to stay 3 nights due to fog.


A bird observatory was our hotel with new but good accomodation.

Many puffins which were not shy, we could approach to 2 meters.

And an old light house.

Bad weather was coming in and we returned to the Orkneys where we met an old friend (from 1996), a hotel owner.

We stayed in the hotel Lynnfield which is very busy and mostly booked out.

We returned via Wick and then IFR back to Southend and Switzerland.

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