Landing and takeoff Barra Outer Hebridies

Island Barra is a favorit, a tidal airfield with the tower on the left side of the picture.

You can only land if there is low tide. This field and most of the Scotish fields are PPR.

There was still saltwater on the airfield. 8 years ago wh stayed 3 nights on the island. At that time we had to leave the plane up to the road.

A very famous and scenic place to land – on the beach.


After the scenic landing we flew to Glenforsa. Others fly to Oban to get water to clean the plane from the salt.


Close by is another place to land on the beach, at Sollas. But there is nobody around.

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Landing on Fair Isles Shetland

Next place was Fair Isle where we had to stay 3 nights due to fog.

A bird observatory was our hotel with new but good accomodation.

Many puffins which were not shy, we could approach to 2 meter

And an old light house.


On Fair Isles you can see a lot of Puffins from very close. There is a good bird observatory lodge nearby.

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Landing and takeoff at Glenforsa

Glenforsa airfield on the island of Mull. The runway is in a good shape.

The Glenforsa Hotel is just a few meters away and we got the last room.

From Glenforsa we visited Tobermory by rented car (at the airfield, special price for pilots).


Every year we fly to the Orkneys Shetland we land on Glenforsa

The Glenforsa Hotel is close to the airstrip (PPR).


This is the landing at Glenforsa from the other side.


After staying overnight at Glenforsa we fly to the islands.


Another takeoff from Glenforsa.

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Landing on Out Skerries a remote island on the Shetlands

This time we wanted to land on Out Skerries which I discovered on the internet because these airfields are not on the maps and not mentionned in the Jeppesen (Bottlang). I just knew that the runway must be less than 1200 ft and that we cannot stay over night there. As usual I called the airfield before I take off.

I decided to land from the north which was a bit more tricky than from the south: We had to overfly a small hill, then a small lake before landing. At the end of the downhill runway was the sea.

Mrs. Arthur MBE received us for a cup of tea. But in the meantime we became friends … and were invited to visit the island from the boat.

The lighthouse is a pointmark for taking off to the South.

We walked around on the islands.

The salmon farm belongs to the commuity which consisted of 70 persons, declining.

After take off from Out Scerries our friends waved bye bye. We shall came back!


In 2011 we landed the first time on Out Skerries and discovered a unique place to live.

Since then we return every year.


This is another landing on Out Skerries.

Only 60 people live on this island. They are fighting for their school. No school –> more people will leave the island.


My first take off from Out Skerries


This video shows the takeoff from the 360m long runway.


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Landing on Helgoland, Germany

Helgoland has three runways and sometimes many seagull on the runway. Be aware, they are not afraid.

During springtime the island is overcrowded with ornithologists.

Landing on Düne – the mainland is five minutes away by boat.

Flying over the fields in Germany,

Approach and landing an Düne close to Helgoland EDXH.

So kann ein Anflug aussehen. Das war 2010, bevor ein Sturm grosse Teile vor der Landebahn weggeschwemmt hat.

Hier eine Robbe auf der Nordseite. Davon gibt es viele, junge können neugierig sein.

Mit dem Boot geht es auf die Hauptinsel.

Landung mit dem Börteboot auf der Hauptinsel mit seinen vielen Hotels.

Blick Richtung Lange Anna. Im Mai brüten viele Vögel.

Tölpel ganz nah.

Tölpel, Lumen und andere Gefieder.

Farbiges Museumsdorf auf Helgoland.

Vor dem Start Flugbenzin mehrwertsteuerfrei tanken.

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Short overnight stop on Tortola

The airport of Tortola is well organised

The Beef Island Guesthouse is only 5 minutes walk from the airport.

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St. Eustatius

Statia Lodge on St. Eustatius, Pool and Bungalows with a view

Statia Lodge on St. Eustatius, Pool and Bungalows with a view

Old town with church and fort

Easy landing and customs, friendly people

On our trip we landed in St. Eustatius (Sint Eustatitus, Netherlands Antilles) a very green island in the caribbean sea.

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Airport St. Vincent

Refueling at St- Vincent - the openning date of the new airport has been delayed several times.

We just dropped in for refueling, which took us one hour for customs and immigration (what for?). The refueling took 15 minutes.

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