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Landing on Fair Isles Shetland

Next place was Fair Isle where we had to stay 3 nights due to fog. A bird observatory was our hotel with new but good accomodation. Many puffins which were not shy, we could approach to 2 meter And an old light house.   On Fair Isles you can see a lot of Puffins from … Weiterlesen »

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Landing and takeoff at Glenforsa

Glenforsa airfield on the island of Mull. The runway is in a good shape. The Glenforsa Hotel is just a few meters away and we got the last room. From Glenforsa we visited Tobermory by rented car (at the airfield, special price for pilots).   Every year we fly to the Orkneys Shetland we land … Weiterlesen »

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Landing on Out Skerries a remote island on the Shetlands

This time we wanted to land on Out Skerries which I discovered on the internet because these airfields are not on the maps and not mentionned in the Jeppesen (Bottlang). I just knew that the runway must be less than 1200 ft and that we cannot stay over night there. As usual I called the … Weiterlesen »

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Flying in Scotland 2010

In summer 2010 we traveled around in the Scottish islands, the Inner Hebridies, the Outer Hebridies, the Orkneys and the Shetland Islands. Our mascot is the puffin, we saw a lot of them on the Fair Isle. First place we landed in the UK was Clacton on Sea.   Clacton on Sea is an airfield … Weiterlesen »

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Unst Scotland

But we landed at Unst, the most northern airfield of Scotland.

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Papa Stour Scotland

A nice place to walk – a scenic area.

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Sumburgh airport

We landed at Sumburgh which is the far north airport with an ILS and Avgas. The helpful controllers always wanted to what our intentions are. An even better place for refuellng is Wick.

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Scotland mainland and islands

After a short fuel stop in Oban where all the PPR in the area are coordinated we travelled North East with a great view on islands … … mountains … … bays … … small places … … and green valleys.  

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